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IEEE UofT is proud to host Newhacks, a beginner-friendly hackathon designed to help introduce individuals from all walks of life to the world of fast-paced, high tech development. In this hackathon, we specifically promote individual exploration and risk-taking, and the ultimate goal is to help induct new hackers into the world of hackathons. This event takes place March 7-8th at the University of Toronto in the Galbraith Building, so come check us out!

Head over to our website https://www.newhacks.ca/ for more information!

The tentative schedule for the event is as follows:


Mar 7th

Participant Registration 



Opening Ceremonies



Team Formation/Hacking Begins!






Workshop: Intro to Programming: Python



Workshop: Building Your First Web App: Reddit Client



Workshop: Arduino 101




Cross-Platform Mobile Development with React Native



Workshop: Intro to APIs with Google Cloud






Workshop: Presenting with Confidence



Mar 8th




Hacking Ends!








Awards / Closing Ceremonies



Participants: Students of any professional learning institution are eligible to enter. Individuals must be the age of 18 or over. 

Teams: Teams are limited to up to 4 individuals in size, and must have a minimum of 2 individuals in order for the project to qualify.  


In order to submit your project, you must submit the following items through Devpost:

  1. Project Name
  2. Team Member Names
  3. A short description of your design 

Pictures and videos are always welcome, but we do NOT need to see your code for the submission. It is always good to link it to your devpost project in case other groups want to check it out. Please ensure that you select all of the prize categories that you wish to be considered for!

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$CAD3,920 in prizes

1st Place Overall

First pick in our prize pool for each team member, including headphones, smart home products, and more!

2nd Place Overall

Second pick in our prize pool for each team member, including headphones, smart home products, and more!

Third Best Overall

Third pick in our prize pool for each team member, including headphones, smart home products, and more!

Best Hardware Hack

Show us your best hack that utilizes some form of hardware - by interfacing a microcontroller such as an Arduino with our wide variety of sensors and actuators, the possibilities are endless! Each member of the winning team will receive a BITalino development kit, courtesy of BITalino.

Best Web Hack

Show us your best hack that incorporates a web interface! Each member of the winning team will receive an HP Sport backpack, courtesy of HP, as well as an Amazon Echo Dot.

Best New Hack

Show us your best "new hack" by presenting the most novel and innovative idea! Each member of the winning team will receive a Tile Mate & Slim 4-pack.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Arib Shaikh

Arib Shaikh

Hussain Punjani

Hussain Punjani

Abhayraj Jain

Abhayraj Jain

Russell Goldman

Russell Goldman

Kaveen Kumarasinghe

Kaveen Kumarasinghe

Lissa Ng

Lissa Ng
Facebook DevC

Tancred Yip

Tancred Yip

Raymond Kim

Raymond Kim

Judging Criteria

  • Idea Originality
    Idea is original and described with great detail. Idea is useful in that it solves a problem, provides a service, or enables a significant function. This is also used to evaluate how well thought through the original idea is.
  • Technical Complexity
    Multiple peripherals are used to provide the necessary functionality required. Here is where we will evaluate how challenging it generally was to put your entire project together and how much you learned along the way.
  • Technical Integration
    System is well-designed and all components with their respective interfaces are working and well-designed. No bugs are present and there is some handling of complex components.
  • Working Demo
    Demonstration works flawlessly, is repeatable, and impressive. Demonstration is clear and presents the underlying design principles.
  • Presentation
    Presentation is convincing and summarizes learnings, troubles, and deep understanding of technology used. Presentation is well rehearsed, demonstrate contributions by individual members, and reflect how the team was able to work effectively together.

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